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What is needed
PastorJerry Snowden | 1/31/2013

What is needed. Just spent a most horrible Tuesday in the Tri Cities. It really started on Monday night when I got a call about a relative that was admitted to the hospital for a reported drug overdose, of heroin. I decided at that point to wait until Tuesday to find him and what hospital. It was difficult to pray for him on one point seeing all the damage his drug use had cause my dad, and others. This nephew had lost is mother when he was fourteen and now at 29 he had used this excuse to totally divorce the rest of us. Being a dope fiend he of course was a liar, cheat and a thief. And because of being a dope fiend he had burnt every bridge with just about everyone but his dope using friends. In this I could empathize with but it had become almost impossible to sympathize for him. At 29 he could not keep any job because he stole from all his employers. He had lived with my 83 year old father for 2 years using up almost every ounce of love the old man had for his grandson not to mention the fact he had robbed him blind at every opportunity. He live like a pig in my dads basement. Not just messy but filthy. His room was a foot deep in dirty clothes, garbage and just nasty dirty filth. The bath room he used turned into a pool of bacteria and only God knows what kind of disease. Floor, walls, sink and shower. It took 3 days to clean and disinfect those two rooms after Dad had caught him at 3 am in his room going through his pants looking for dads wallet to steal some more money for drugs. At that dad kicked him out, and his pregnant girl friend. This may sound harsh but enough is enough. We had not heard anything from the young man for many months after this other than several calls for money which were declined by my dad. Now I find out he is in the hospital. I go to see him to see what is up and to offer him a free treatment program that will only cost him one year of his life that could with his participation change his life for good to the end of his time here on earth. We love this young man. He is part of our family and we want the best for him not a drug addicted death, which he is very close to now. Closer than he has ever been before. He as a blood infection and a blood clot in his leg. Tubes in both arms and a series of tubes in is heart to catch a clot if it breaks lose. Do I find him repentant, or sad or worried or concerned or anything close to surrender. Oh no, I find him seething mad at my presence. Pissed at the fact I found him. He doesn't know how he wound up like this. Denial is flowing like a tsunami across the landscape. Violent anger, that the truth is there in the room with him. Threats and profanity flow from his mouth unbridled, until it peaks at total insanity. It's my fault. How convenient. How sad. How true of broken life void of the Spirit of God. Lost in the lie of self-righteousness and selfishness brought on by not getting what you want when you want it. How does one not see, that the decisions that you make you are responsible for. I mentioned empathy before. I did this because I was right where he is now. I was once a dope fiend yet I escaped as have millions. Empathy yes, sympathy no. And here is why It is said that "the truth will set you free". This is the truth. What is needed in this world now more than ever is the truth. The truth about me, about you, about life about everything. Pontious Pilot once said, "what is Truth". He said this to Jesus Christ and after, he said this, to the Jews who wanted to kill Jesus. He said, "I find no fault in this man". The truth had set Pilot free to move on. What is needed? Truth is needed. What is Truth? The life and gospel of Jesus Christ is truth. It is The Truth. The truth that will set the people free of hell, death and the grave. It is the truth that will set the captives free, the abused, the drug addict, the drunk, the molester, rapist, killer, liar, thief. It is the answer of the ages. All ages and all things. Society needs the truth of Jesus Christ. Not religion, the truth. Believe what you want, but if what you believe is killing you maybe what you believe is a lie. You see my nephew desperately needs the truth. His truth, life and death truth. Truth. One thing has to happen before anyone can embrace the truth. You have to admit you don't hold it and that you need it. My prayer for you today is that you find the truth that is Jesus Christ. The Way, The Truth and The Life. Be free and Live!!! God bless, love and respect PastorJerry



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