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Recap of Pizza and a Move
Ranger Ric Sanders | 2/3/2013

A Special Thank you to the entire crew of A-3 who came in spite of all of life's events. In just under 8 hours we were able to completely move, clean and setup Matthew in his new apartment in just under 8 hours. Our families heart felt thanks to Pastor Jerry and Linda, Spider, Eddie, CC Sugar Bear, Christian Kurt and Aimee, Zeke and Leona and support team Ray Frost. it would have a huge undertaking for the two of us and it went smooth, special thank you to Tina who is Matt's aid for the help that evening and willingness to finish cleaning up the old place. At midnight we were able to leave matt in his bed and we got home at 3am. Matt even said he was excited to move into his first own with no roomates.  God Bless you all and Thank for what you did, remember our talk.  Love you guys, way to pull together, Ranger and Anita.



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