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The founder of Christian Crusaders Ministry

 Preacher Mike Arnold.


"Preacher" Mike Arnold 1942-2003


Preacher Mike Arnold was many things to many people. He was my friend, my brother, sometimes he was my dad but most important to me he was my Pastor. When nobodyelse wanted me he opened up his life and his life's work to me. He said "boy, hang out with me and I'll show you how to keep that motorcycle and glorify the name of God" Preacher made good on that with me. This founders page is dedicated to the man that made all this possible, the Lord Jesus Christ. Preacher would want it that way. Thank you Preacher, I"ll see you in heaven.

Donate to the Christian Crusaders Ministry

Our goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the motorcycle community. The funds go to Christian Crusaders Ministry to assist in leading people to our Lord Jesus Christ. Counselors, ministers and other resources are also available to assist in this time of need.