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History of Christian Crusaders Ministry


Gospel Outreach N.W. was founded in 1978 by Preacher Mike Arnold, in the Pacific N.W. From our humble beginnings in N.E. Washington to our current location in Spangle, WA., the main objective has been to preach, "Jesus Christ and Him Crucified" to a lost and dying world.

    God saved and called Preacher Mike out of that lost and dying world, and gave him a vision. Today that vision lives in Gospel Outreach N.W. and its family of ministries. Preacher Mike went home to be with the Lord on September 15, 2003. He will always be missed but never forgotten.
    Brother Jerry Snowden, now Pastors Gospel Outreach Northwest and the Christian Crusaders Ministry. He lives with his wife Linda K. at the ministry property in Spangle, Wa.
Christian Crusaders Ministry
The oldest and most visible member of our family is the Christian Crusaders Ministry.

The Christian Crusaders is one of the most outstanding thrusts that God has raised up to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's a ministry, not a motorcycle club, even though there are many motorcycles involved.

The team is made up of men and their families who have been delivered from the deepest pits of sin by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of these Crusaders are businessmen, former drug addicts, ex-alcoholics, ex-convicts, and ex-outlaw bikers. They are all believers of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, who have the "Good News of Jesus Christ", their Lord, as well as the joy of serving Him.

The powerful preaching and compassionate concern and testimony to the lost makes this dynamic "Team" effective and successful, winning lost souls to faith in God through Jesus Christ, giving them a joyful purpose in life itself. Also directs many youth who were heading the wrong direction, towards Christ.

This ministry reaches into schools, colleges, hospitals, juvenile halls, jails, prisons, cafes, taverns, youth camps, communes, skid row, to everyday Joe whose lives have become a drag; to churches of all denominations, all ethnic groups, and business groups. In other words, we travel where the Holy Spirit leads us to go and we do it prayerfully. In doing so, Jesus Christ is lifted up, the lost are saved, families are united with love, and souls are added to the kingdom. Because of which, communities see men, women and children suddenly change and take up a new life that glorifies God and the local churches are added to.

The men and their families who make up this one ministry of Gospel Outreach N.W. are sold out to Jesus Christ, sold out to the bone.

Mission Statement

  1. To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified which breaks the chains of bondage and brings the positive direction of life as the Spirit of God leads us.
  2. To minister to the needs of the household of faith first.
  3. To minister to the needs of those God sends us.
  4. To reach out to the lost, where they are.
  5. To Glorify the Father by lifting up the Son, Jesus Christ, who breaks the chains of bondage.

The ministry is made up of Christian Crusaders who are ordained ministers, or being trained for or have already become licensed ministers, preachers of the Gospel of Jesus. There are several Support Team Members who are in training also to become servants of Christ and to train towards becoming Crusaders. These men (most of whom are married) and their spouses serve in 5 countries by having jail and street ministries, facilitate Bible studies, ministering to the needy, discipling and mentoring young Christians, feeding the hungry, and helping the poor.

The ministry teams attend bike rallies, motorcycle swap meets, and rodeos where they minister one on one, presenting the love of Jesus. They also go to the annual Sturgis, S.D. Bike Rally where they set up Jericho Camp and have services twice daily. They provide breakfast and dinner, take care of the street kids and "guests" brought to them by the local officers of the law (rather than have them sent to jail), and help anyone they can who comes to them in need.

Old fashioned tent revivals are held by the ministry teams all over the country, but mainly in the West. They spend a month ministering in Quartzite, AZ, to the "snowbirds", vendors, and tourists during the Rock and Gem show, then go on South to Old Mexico where one of the Crusaders has a ministry to orphans. Being committed to delivering the message of life in Christ to a lost and dying world, the Gospel Outreach ministries travel the highways and byways presenting Jesus to all who will listen.

Donate to the Christian Crusaders Ministry

Our goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the motorcycle community. The funds go to Christian Crusaders Ministry to assist in leading people to our Lord Jesus Christ. Counselors, ministers and other resources are also available to assist in this time of need.