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Gospel Outreach Northwest / Christian Crusaders Ministry Donation Button
Dan Parsons | 1/22/2013

We now have an active donate button on the website. What does that mean we can now submit our monthly support through paypal and accept donations from anyone in the community that feels lead to support the ministry. The button is located at the bottom of the website on all pages.

I know in my opinion it makes donating to the cause a little easier than trying to remember to stick something in the mail. Maybe I'm just lasy.


Christian Crusader Pockets



I know this this is not the right spot find any spot on your website to contact you I would like to become a crusader I met Pastor D several months ago and we becoming friends i see how the Lord Works in himGod is good.

Donate to the Christian Crusaders Ministry

Our goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the motorcycle community. The funds go to Christian Crusaders Ministry to assist in leading people to our Lord Jesus Christ. Counselors, ministers and other resources are also available to assist in this time of need.